Keeping it Simple

The Flesch score measures how easily a text can be read. Scores range from 0 – 100 with 0 meaning very difficult to understand to 100 meaning very easy to understand. Some generic examples of Flesch scores are: Comics = 92 Wall Street Journal = 63 UK Income tax act = 26 Scientific Journals = […]

Finding Good Opportunities

On the surface, science and investigative journalism appear to have nothing in common with investing since the two professions have nothing interesting to say about economics or a company’s business model. However, science and investigative journalism have a framework that helps in decision making which is very important in investing. The scientific method is all […]


The full research note can be found here. Summary  Fujitec (6406) manufactures, installs and maintains elevators and escalators. The elevator and escalator (E&E) market can be split into three business segments – installation of new elevators, maintenance and modernisation. Companies in the E&E market generally have a stream of cash flow from the entire life […]

Boring Accounting

Most people find accounting very boring but as Warren Buffett said “it is the language of business”. To be a good investor, you need to understand the language. I would recommend three good sources to learn the basics of accounting: The interpretation of financial statements by Benjamin Graham Valuation: Measuring and managing the value of […]